Saturday, March 5, 2016

We Owe Donald Trump our Gratitude for His attack on Political Correctness

I know... Donald Trump is an obnoxious boor. He’s offensive. He’s brash. He’s undignified.  Whether you know it  or want to acknowledge it, Donald Trump has rendered a great service to America and  it’s body politic by taking on the greatest threat to our liberties we have ever faced. Political correctness.

You heard me. Political Correctness is the most dangerous enemy the republic has ever faced, and I take the view that unless the dragon of PC is slain now, once and for all, it may be too late to save the republic and the values on which it was founded.  Unless PC is put on trial, found guilty and immediately hanged, it will not be possible to take on the other pressing issues which must be addressed, and that is because PC is what has driven us to inertia.

Political Correctness, in addition to being an assault on the human spirit and human dignity, it is also the antithesis of reality.  When a society operates from political correctness it treats the world and its issues not as they ARE, but as how one might wish them to be.  When one’s opponents play by Realpolitik, while  one works from a world view that denies reality and lies to itself about what really is, that society commits suicide. 


Enter Donald J. Trump, a brash billionaire from New York whose mouth knows no limits.  No sooner had he entered the race he was dismissed by the “experts” and talking heads as “going nowhere”.  8 months later he has dominated almost every pol since he entered the race, and though these polls were dismissed along the way, he finds himself today the prohibitive favourite to win the Republican Presidential nomination.


The political establishment, understandably hates him, and has pulled out all the stops to derail his candidacy, and no matter what they have tried thus far, it has not only failed , but backfired.   Others in the traditional voting pool fear him as well and find his style and vocabulary disturbing and offensive.  There is no swaying the establishment, as they are under direct threat of having their comfortable inside-the-beltway world smashed into rubble.  They can’t bear the thought of the lavish lifestyles many enjoy at the expense of  lobbyists of K street and the oligarchs of Wall Street and Silicon Valley wining and dining them and contributing to their re-election funds in exchange for policies which do not always serve the best interests of the people and workers of the country.  they are already defeated. They’ve been exposed for what they are, and the emperor has no clothes.

It is to the latter group, the Republican voters who haven’t grasped the nature of what is going on out there,  who have to an extent been cowed by PC   that I address this.   I am not asking that you switch over from the candidates you are currently supporting, but to argue that Donald J. Trump has done all of us a great service,  and that should he win the nomination that there should be no hesitation in getting behind his candidacy.  For one thing, he has exposed the establishment as being exactly what they accuse him of: Swindlers and con artists.  They have, on behalf of the donor classes (in both parties) fleeced the American taxpayers of Trillions of dollars, and have , by their policies which benefit mainly the donor class, closed the door of opportunity to the youth. 
If America continues on the path this elite compact have put her on, the Baby boomer generation will have , for the first time left America much worse off than any other generation has left it for the next.
Donald Trump has also challenged political correctness  head-on.  We may wince at some of his words and references, but we should rejoice in the fact that he is getting away with it.  If almost anyone else said what he has been saying, and how he has been saying it,  we would be accused of “micro-aggressions” or even outright bigotry, and would face some very real consequences.  Many working Americans have been let go from their jobs, or perhaps worse, sent to “diversity and sensitivity training” where they are brainwashed, browbeaten or both into submission.  Their potential for advancement in the company or government department after that is nil.
Any other Republican candidate who would dare speak like that would have their career ended within the hour, with the establishment of their own party drumming them out and then abjectly apologizing to whatever organized special interest identity group whined about the “micro aggression”.
Donald Trump is the guy who gets away with saying these things.  In my life I have noticed, whether in my own home growing up, at school, or in the workplace (in the days before PC ruled)  that there are some people who can say anything, and pepper their language with some very colourful colloquialisms and no one says anything, while others will earn a death stare or worse if they drop one F-bomb.
He is succeeding because he reflects what many people have been thinking and are afraid to say, and his lashing out with salty language is quite often representative of the anger people feel toward the representatives who they elected to change things, specifically to stop Obama’s PC driven insanity, who instead have succumbed to the PC life of Washington.


Many Americans are watching as the government sits by idly as millions of illegal immigrants cross the border and settle in the land, while nothing is done about it, and precious little by the establishment politicians, who are afraid to say anything lest they be labelled bigots, xenophobes and racists.


Then there is CAIR (Council on American-Islamic relations) who skilfully beat us with the cudgel of political correctness, so that we sit in silence as the scourge of Sharia law takes hold gradually throughout western society.

Lets not forget the ACLU and the “Freedom From religion Foundation” who use PC and the courts (which have also been poisoned by PC themselves) to undermine Christians  constitutional rights to free speech.


Donald Trump has said things that have served these groups and their sympathizers notice that no more will they be allowed to push us around. Moreover he has not been afraid to NAME some of the outside enemies we face, specifically radical Islam,  and state clearly that their goal is to destroy us and that we need to defend ourselves against them by any means necessary, AND he has named the fact that CHRISTIANS are the prime victims of these Jihadis, and has pledged to protect Christians and their values both abroad and at home.

Some Christians here question his personal commitment to Christianity, and it is a legitimate concern given some of his lifestyle choices  and Biblical illiteracy.   That being said, we have plenty of politicians in Washington now who can quote scripture chapter and verse, and yet have done little more than talk.  I ask you to consider looking back in history, to the Roman Empire no less, when a man named Constantine rose to become Roman Emperor.  Constantine himself did not actually make a final conversion to Christianity until very late in is life, yet he was a constant defender of Christianity not because of his own personal commitment, as much as the example he had seen of Christians and the benefits their way of life brought society as a whole. It was under Constantine that the Church was able to fully come out from underground after centuries of persecution.   I want to ask you to consider this as a possible motivation for Donald Trump’s epiphany where Christianity is concerned.
There was never a time when most citizens were firmly rooted in the faith, and deeply committed. However until the last 50 years or so,  most people regardless of the depth of their commitment to Christ Himself and His Church, recognized and acknowledged the value of the Judeo-Christian heritage and the benefits of adhering to those principles, and the state supported , rather than attacked them.

Donald Trump, as President could set the example of a changed attitude toward Christian values that could bring improvement to society.

Moreover when Christian values were upheld and regarded as something to aspire to, we enjoyed greater freedom and security. Not because of the letter of the law, but the results of people voluntarily adhering to one degree or another to the very principles which guided the writing of the constitution, which was written by the way, by a group of men with differing commitments to Christianity, ranging from Christians to deists to Unitarians and even agnostics, but all of whom recognized that these were the principles under which a free society could flourish. A free society cannot co-exist with political correctness. A free society can only flourish where free expression of ideas takes place,  and where people are free to agree to disagree, even loudly and without what some see as decorum, without the threat of someone using force of law, or the courts to silence another person or group.

All this to say that if Donald Trump recognizes this, as I believe he does, I would take what many see as his cultural Christianity over someone who talks a god game, but whose actions and record show acquiescence to PC when the rubber meets the road.



We need to be thankful that Donald trump has put himself out there, and enabled us to have a debate that would have been silenced by the limits imposed by political correctness were he and his brash persona not here.   So let’s stop bashing Donald Trump on his manners, and let the voters speak and decide whether they are ready to throw off the yoke of political correctness that has been  and will continue to be the downfall of western civilization, unless it is stopped now.



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Excellent article and prospective. I have been saying for years now that PC is killing our society.